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5 day Anniversary Trip to South Florida!

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

So listen! If you know anything about traveling and planning for a trip, it can be quite time consuming. I can get really impatience and end up not wanting to fully plan at times. Which is wife typically my husband plans all of our vacations. Im just the one that packs all the cute outfits and shows up to the party. That wasn't the case this time around. Me and my husband got a chance to go to Aventura, FL to stay at the wonderful and most amazing JW Marriott Resort and Spa.


First off let me just tell you. Vibes! Vibes! Vibes! It you are you looking for a more luxurious experience, this is definitely the place to be at. Not to far from MIA Beach or FT Lauderdale Beach. Everything you are looking for in a resort is at JW Marriott. Amazing restaurants, Beautiful scenery, Large hotel rooms, great staff, and did I mention your own private waterpark on the resort. My husband really wanted to go play golf because they had and entire section dedicated to golfers.

When we first got there, we were completely overwhelmed with all of the vibes around us. Because we were there for an entire week, we decided to ease ourselves into the amenities and extra incentives around us. Just so you know, your girl loves water so I was just pushing my husband to go to the beach every day and of course the waterpark. Now I didn't do to much because I needed my hair to stay right throughout this week. We ended up going to the waterpark 3 days out of the week and went to the beach twice.

The food at this place was so good. If you want to know something else cool about me and my husband is that we love to EAT! I mean its the best thing to do on trips. I for one love to try different places that I never have before. So listen there is this place called "COSAIR" at the resort and the food there was super good. We wanted to go more times than once I will tell you that. I encourage you to go there when you book your trip to JW. Also, The bourbon steak is another great place to try for more luxury style foods. By the way the lamb chops were the best thing on the menu in my opinion you definitely need to try them. For more details of the trip. Go check out my reel on Instagram. You can also click the picture above.

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