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Did someone say "DATE NIGHT"?

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Now I have heard many things about this topic. Some good things and some not so good. I was talking to my husband one day and we were trying to figure out if this was something that we were are consistently doing in our marriage or were we just simply missing out. I must say all before we got married, my husband and I used to go out all the time. I mean we barely stayed at home. If its not going to eat out or going to do a fun activity, we were mostly traveling all the time experiencing new location and culture. Now I will say that since we have been married, we have had less of that going on around here possibly because we are working hard trying to take care of our business. But, we realized that we work so much that often times we do not think about going out. Mostly we rather sleep in or watch a movie on netlfix. Well, you know what happens when you (netflix & chill) with your husband. Yep. You got it! I mean we go in strong yall. You would think we would at least watch the movie first. I mean from him snoring super loud and me probably snoring louder than him, we are always falling asleep. See what I did there? Bring you mind back. Are you okay? Good. Lets continue! HA!.

Since the conversation, we have been very initial and consistent about our time together. Yall know COVID was keeping your girl in the house for too long. I got to get out and do something. So glad things are opening back up now and we can enjoy ourselves beyond our home space. So my husband and I have charged ourselves with a task that every two weeks we do date night. No listen, you do what works for you. As for us every two weeks is good, Why? I like to the suspense and excitement to of date night. I get to dress up and put on something sexy for my husband and make sure my hair and makeup is flawless. I mean your girl goes out of her way to make sure nails are done also. Date night is super important. We go all out over here. Us doing it every week did not help. It just another thing to do on the schedule for the week. So we decided to stretch it a bit longer. It also gave us the ability to budget our finances as well. waiting an extra week gives us the chance to do more with our money.

So we are definitely for married people going on dates. If you aren't doing this, I would encourage you to do so.

Here are a list of date ideas to you can try to do with your spouse.

-Dinner and a Movie


-Bowling and Arcade (Dave & Busters)

-Roller Skating or Ice Skating

-Ice Cream Date

-Site Seeing

-Picnic and wine

-Wine Tasting


-Go-Cart Racing (This is super fun by the way)

-Painting and Wine

-Cooking Class

-Tour your Local Aquarium


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